Cloud Seeding :

The latest and most service oriented operation we have added to our portfolio is Cloud seeding.We have our own team of experts consisting meteorologists, aircraft technicians, pilots and radar engineers, are from various related placements earlier. Our team as gained the knowledge from international operators and are now totally independent and in command of the conditions in India. We have also developed own flares to best suit the conditions we are operating in.

In India :

Cloud seeding in emerging as a necessity in India rather than a luxury, as the ever bulging Industrialization and urban settlements demand huge increase in the requirement of potable water every day. Scares rains and raising temperatures are making it rather difficult to tap water from natural stores and rivers. The only other alternative is to go for the ground water. Excessive utilization of ground water as is the case in India, enhances or hastens desertisation of the land. Hence India needs all possible ways of extracting fresh water from the skies, to both regenerate the ground water and also to provide for increasing fresh water demand.
Cloud Seeding is one of the most economical ways of getting excess water by enhancing rainfall, which can also be easily adapted and executed when compared to most other viable projects.

What is Cloud Seeding :

Cloud Seeding is nothing but introducing rain making particles in the cloud, which otherwise happens naturally, for rains. By way of Cloud seeding, we enhances or increase the amount or quantity of rain got from the clouds to get more water to the ground or area targeted by the operations.

Cloud Seeding Technology :

Cloudseeding technology has existed in India from prehistoric times, conducted by sages those days. Over the years, technology has been developed to improve the method of delivering the rain making particles to the clouds and also to monitor the clouds that are being seeded, for developments and results.

We use the most up to date technology for cloud seeding to ensure efficiency and reliability of the operations. Our team of professionals and experts in their own fields of operations ensure the best results to satisfy our clients.

The basic scheme of the cloud seeding operation.